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December 3, 2004 by Daniel Ruoss
It seems this election therapy thing won't go away! This just makes me laugh my ass off knowing there are still Kerry voters crying about the election.

From Boca Raton News -www.bocanews.com

Florida Kerry supporters meet for group therapy
Voters shout epithets at President Bush during first PES...
December 1, 2004 by Daniel Ruoss
Hi there everyone! My name's Daniel and I'm a 25 y.o. male down here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I attend Florida Atlantic University and I'm a history major. I'm looking forward to writing boring books for your kids and mine! Here's some things I'm interested in.... 1) History. I love history. I find it fascinating to read about what people did when confronted with life's problems and I find it very relevent to our lives today. My favorite periods are the American Civil War and World War II. 2) Pol...
November 18, 2004 by Daniel Ruoss
For sure you've got Rudy Giuliani. Other names I've heard thrown in are McCain, Jeb Bush (Go Florida! ), and Bill Frist.

Who's your GOP choice and why?
November 18, 2004 by Daniel Ruoss
Just wondering where any Democrats might be throwing their support. So far I think for sure you're going to have Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Bill Richardson in the race. (But I'm Republican, so what do I know about who's "Democratically" popular! )

Anyone care to comment on who they think will run? Their pros and cons?
November 16, 2004 by Daniel Ruoss
I'm so sick of this ridiculous cry fest I'm hearing from the Democrats. Suck it up! MoveOn! You could always move to Canada or Europe where they indulge your type of self pity. We warned you you would lose but you didn't believe us. We told you you were out of touch with America but your elitist condescending attitudes blames ordinary Americans instead of yourselves. Just keep looking at that map and the sea of red you're drowning in. If you think you have it bad now, just wait! We're going t...